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Betwixt and Between, Momentarily Masquer
Betwixt and Between, Momentarily Masquerade #6 
Oil on painting  160x90cm 2017

Visual image on youth contemporarary culture


Its neither artwork nor commodification: either i'm fine

102 cm x 62 cm

Oil on canvas, printed plexiglass, foam




After majoring in Fine Art from Institut Teknologi Bandung, I had been self-taught as graphic designer and creative director for 4 years and working on Contemporary Painting Series as personal project. Youth culture and the exceeding development in visual culture nowadays somehow interest me as I took it as a part of my personal project in which I believed to reign the youngsters’ perspective and their basic point of view of commodification.

Altering forms, signs, idioms, and other visual aspects on my artwork, I notify that my personal work as visual artist related on my other works as graphic designer. I took pleasure on making visual branding which has the same intention as my artwork:  to acknowledge and recognize people’s expectation of aesthetic form and differs it with something adequate.

Artist Statement

I started off as painting student at 2014 and began to take interest on youth culture and examine it because i believe the exceeding development on visual culture these day reigns in youngsters perspective and turning them into the very target of commercialism. Their point of view about "culture" are driven by cultural commerce, ergo they value commodification more than its actual essence. So I began to depict commodification and it’s quintessence in my work, by elaborating form of sign, symbol, and idiom in practical modern and contemporary design in visual culture nowadays.

I think Art could criticize and has advantages to make statement. I’m intrigue with an idea of faultless ecosystem where Art could merges into society. Thus, I hope i could create a new perspective in celebrating correlation between another fields beyond art world (such as fashion and design) and turning it into a spectacle form. Besides, I’m curious about how society questions my methods, as I make new statement of public understanding and acceptance in my work in the present era.

Betwixt and Between, Momentarily Masquer

Concept behind “Betwixt & Between, Momentarily Masquerade” Series

Visual aspects on youth culture has advanced by commodification agent called mass media and advertising. Thus affects youth generation nowadays towards visual language that spread all over variety of mass media, whether it’s printed or digital. In my perspective, this phenomena is something worth celebrating and addressed with a decent attitude for its value and cultural aspects. Besides, contemplating this movement will make another benefit to youth culture itself, as they behavior today leads into such consumptive behavior, and not seeing this as a cultural movement that quintessence a great advancement of visual language. By any means necessary, “Betwixt and Between, Momentarily Masquerade” series is a collective manifestation of a collective idioms that became part of visual culture itself. I believe, that the usage of montage techniques I use supposedly could deliver my judgement and observation towards this ‘cultural’ issue.

Hilmy P.Soepademo


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