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키마 작가는 꽃, 나무, 동물과 같은 자연을 자신만의 회화적 언어로 풀어내어 쾌활하고 풍성한 색채를 가진 신비로운 추상 세계를 만들어낸다.​

꽃과 동물들에 둘러싸인 유년기를 보낸 작가는 이를 자신의 작품 주제로 등장시키는데 그녀에게는 땅이든 하늘이든 창가로 들어오는 바람이든 햇살이든 모든 곳에서 다가오는 감성이 집적되어 캔버스 위에 다채로운 회화적 텍스쳐와 풍미를 남긴다.​

Kima shows nature and life in her own language of painting, and she creates a mysterious abstract world with warm and rich colors. In this solo exhibition, we can see the artist's story about her family members with a variety of colors and brush touches.

It is like breathing to observe nature and have affection to an artist who was born in a rural village hanok and spent her childhood surrounded by animals and nature. Kima’ mysterious imaginations are planted on the canvas through the artist's unconsciousness.

In the world of Kima, where unicorns and rabbits play, rich colors and poetic feelings warmly embrace visiters rigid hearts. In the thing of these lovely and humorous beings, our minds are instantly disarmed.

It is time to harvest the story of the rabbit family in the painting, which was planted on a canvas created by Kima's pure sensibility when she was a girl who climbed on a light purple lilac tree and was drunk on the scent of flowers, with our own interpretation. There is no need for translation.



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kima's studio
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